Cocos3D  2.0.1
Cocos3D API reference

About Cocos3D

Cocos3D extends Cocos2D to add support for full 3D rendering, in combination with normal Cocos2D 2D rendering.

Rendering of 3D objects is performed within a CC3Layer, which is a specialized Cocos2D layer. In your application, you will usually create a customized subclass of CC3Layer, which you add to a CCScene, or other CCLayer, to act as a bridge between the 2D and 3D rendering.

The CC3Layer instance holds a reference to an instance of CC3Scene, which manages the 3D model objects, including loading from 3D model files, such as PowerVR POD files. You will usually create a customized subclass of CC3Scene to create and manage the objects and dynamics of your 3D scene.