Category: iOS Development

  • Using GLSL shaders in cocos3d

    Why are you here??   Visit the wiki article that covers this topic on the new, shinier, and vastly improved Cocos3D website, instead!! cocos3d is a sophisticated 3D application development framework for the iOS and OSX platforms. With the release of version 2.0, cocos3d now supports cocos2d 2.x and OpenGL ES 2.0 under iOS, and […]

  • Adding SIO2 to an Existing Xcode iOS Project

    Updated (2011/01/16) – Please note that this article covers SIO2 v1.4, which was the original free/low-cost version of SIO2. This article does not cover SIO2 v2.x. SIO2 is an interesting and useful library for building 3D OpenGL ES applications under Apple’s iOS. While not strictly object-oriented like Apple’s Cocoa, much of the OpenGL functionality is abstracted into […]