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  • cocos2d and UIViewControllers

    [bw_floater] [bw_download title=”Download”] [download id=”3″] [download id=”4″] [/bw_download] [bw_paypal_donation amount=”10″] [/bw_floater] This cocos2d framework package is a wonderful framework for working with OpenGL ES within iOS. Since it focuses on high performance OpenGL ES code, for the most part cocos2d bypasses Apple’s Cocoa UIViewController hierarchy. This makes sense, since within iOS, OpenGL ES usually plays […]

  • cocos2d UI Controls

    [bw_floater] [bw_download title=”Download”] [download id=”11″] [/bw_download] [bw_paypal_donation amount=”10″] [/bw_floater] This cocos2d framework package includes several useful cocos2d user interface controls and frameworks, including: Joystick – a flexible joystick for user control in two dimensions with a single finger CCNodeAdornments – a framework for assigning adornments to CCNodes to temporarily change the appearance of the CCNode, […]

  • Flexible iOS Logging

    [bw_floater] [bw_download title=”Download”] [download id=”1″] [/bw_download] [bw_paypal_donation amount=”5″] [/bw_floater] Apple’s Cocoa SDK framework for the iOS provides basic logging capabilities through the NSLog function. This allows the developer to log simple text messages to the development console. However, the use of NSLog suffers from two drawbacks: There is only one level of logging with NSLog. […]